Rio Grande Supply Company

Topics: Pornography, Computer, Rio Grande Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: September 13, 2012
In the critical analysis case, “Rio Grande Supply Company”, found on page 72 of the text, the president of the Rio Grande Supply Company is faced with an ethical dilemma. One of the rules that the company employees have to follow is the strict use of the company computers for nothing more than business purposes. Any employee who chooses to violate that rule could be faced with termination of his or her job. Jasper, the company president, had just heard news that his Chief of Operations had fired a female employee for violating the computer use policy. After the female employee had been terminated she had mentioned that Jasper should ask Mr. Darger, the Chief of Operations, what he does when he closes his door. Confused by the statement, Jasper asked Henry Darger. Mr. Darger had openly admitted that he has problems with looking at adult pornographic websites while at work. Now, Jasper has an ethical dilemma to face. Mr. Darger is a good employee and will be very difficult to replace, but he knows that Henry had violated the computer use policy and should receive the same disciplinary actions as the female worker moments before. Jasper had sent Mr. Darger home for the day to give himself a little time to decide what he plans to do. In my opinion, I do believe the Henry Darger was correct to fire the female employee for violating the rules. But, I do not think that he stands any ground to be an enforcer for that rule. I believe that the female employee was so angered that Darger fired her because she knew that he violated the rule as well. Once Jasper found out that Henry was using the computers to look up pornography, he should have fired him on the spot. Henry knew that he was doing wrong, that’s why he cried when he was questioned about the situation. Although Henry will be hurting after losing his job, that is the right action for Jasper to take. Jasper may be angered that he has to find a replacement for Darger, but he shouldn’t let that affect the ethical...
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