Rio Grande

Topics: Mission statement, Pornography, Sociology Pages: 4 (1074 words) Published: June 24, 2014
Question 1
All the factors involved are internal for the company (environment factors), except for the external resource that was abused, the internet. Jasper is in a dilemma as the company has a policy that all computers were to be used for work related business only. However Jasper has vetoed a standard inclusion that the company reserves the right to monitor computer usage and turned down the possibility to install filter software. He actually admits that he knew that employees accessed their personal emails, banking, checking the weather and book vacations. This in itself is hypocritical. A top executive should be active in promoting the right corporate culture. Elements such like values, beliefs and norms need to be promoted openly by Jasper as the President. This is part of effective leadership as he is showing that he not only pays lip service but walks his talk. Any value he places into the mission statement must be reinforced by physical actions. He needs to plan this implementation so he shows that there is transparency in the company and make positive reinforcements to policies.

Question 2

The chief of operations-Henry Darger- fired a worker who had hacked into co-workers emails. There was a right for Henry to fire the employee but it seems that a consideration of her previous work performance was not included in his decision. There seems to be a lack of flexibility not to mention the hypocrisy about the decision as well.

There seems to be many elements that show that there is a disturbance in the corporate culture. Jasper saw an importance in how each person respected their fellow workers which suggests that there is an involvement culture, though the employee that covertly spied into another’s emails suggest suspicion in the culture. The act of spying can be seen as being aggressive, which is one of the traits in a competitive culture. The lack of leadership in the involvement culture may allow the corporate culture to lean towards the...
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