Rights to Privacy

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Trident University International
ETH 301 – Business Ethics
Summer 2013
Module 2 – Case Assignment
Informational Privacy

August 5, 2013

Justin Ellsworth was a Marine that gave the ultimate sacrifice for his country. Many service men and woman would agree that the fight continues even after death. For the deceased the fight may be over and they could finally rest in peace, but what is left behind when a death is so sudden and not expected. Justin Ellsworth left many wondering what might have been his last words, his last eventful moments perhaps a significant other left behind. His parents wondering this requested for Yahoo to release Justin’s privacy to them. As a company that is protected by laws Yahoo decided not to release Justin’s email credentials to his parents. Only after going through court did Yahoo receive a court order to release Justin’s email information to his parents.

The Right to privacy by definition “is the human right and an element of various legal traditions which may restrain both government and private party action that threatens the privacy of individuals.” The right to privacy protects us from others invading our space. Americans especially are fond of their privacy, and are proud of the power of allowing others into their space when one feels ready. Human beings are naturally defensive when their privacy is being violated, and will quickly close all doors when this happens. In trying to elaborate on the definition of rights to privacy I’ve found that even though we have these rights not everyone abides by it. When does it become ok to violate these rights? I believe no one has the right to violate an individual’s privacy. How could the system work properly if people find loop holes within the system to get what they want? In businesses they have contracts to set forth certain rules and regulations to be followed within the business. This creates a moral work environment for free people to...

References: Who gets to see the e-mail of the deceased?
Rights to Privacy
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