Right Wing vs Left Wing

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Right Wing vs. Let Wing

An article titled Governor Says He Won’t Sign ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill Until Changes Are Made was written by Dana Liebelson and published by the Huffington Post. In a similar article titled Arkansas governor seeks changes in religious freedom bill was written by an unknown author and was published by Fox News. The Huffington Post has a liberal side versus Fox News has a conservative side. In both articles they are discussing the same issue however both articles are tailored for their point of view of the issue. Both sources are biased about the issue because they tailored the article so that their viewers would agree.

Both articles are discussing an issue which according to Judith Boss, an issue is an ill-defined complex of problems involving a controversy or uncertainty. Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson decided not to sign the ‘Religious Freedom Bill.” According to Fox News, Hutchinson still supports the intent of the legislation that prohibits state and local governments from infringing upon someone’s religious beliefs without compelling interest. But he said he wants changes made so it more closely mirrors a 1993 federal law. “ I asked that changes be made in the legislation,” Hutchinson said. Fox News states that Hutching is urging state lawmakers to “recall” the bill – or pass additional legislation – to “remedy” the issue. Hutchinson states that he wants to strike the “right balance.” However according to Huffington Post, Hutchinson decided not yet to sign the controversial legislation because he was facing a national firestorm because of the legislation. Both articles use popular appeal, which according to Boss it is an appeal to popular opinion to gain support for our conclusion. They do this by stating Hutchinson previously had promised to sign the legislation. That the surprising announcement came a day after Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) was forced to defend a similar law in his state, but because they were facing a national firestorm, Pence called on Tuesday for new legislation that would clarify that his law does not grant businesses the right to deny services to anyone.

Both these articles are framed similarly throughout the article. They both state that Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson urges state legislatures to make changes to the ‘Religious Freedom Bill’ due to a nationwide backlash over this legislation. In both articles it is pointed out that Hutchinson knows that there is a generational difference of opinion on these issues. Hutchinson said that the country is clearly split on how to balance religious traditions with non-discrimination. In both articles they used an inappropriate appeal to authority, which according to Boss it is when we look into to an authority in a field other than that under investigation. It is stated that the Arkansas governor said on Wednesday that even his own son had signed a petition asking him to veto the bill, however we do not know any background information about the governors son or his credibility. In both articles they discuss that this topic has become a hot issue because their was a national firestorm after Indiana Governor Mike Pence was forced to defend a similar law in his state. Ultimately, both articles state that Governor Hutchinson will not sign the legislation until changes are made to the legislation.

These articles are framed differently due to their view on this issue. In the article written by Huffington Post, they included a statement from Sarah Warbelow, a legal director at the Human Rights Campaign that said, “ We would like to see both Indiana and Arkansas adopt language clarifying that the state RFRA cannot be used to undermine federal, state or local non-discrimination.” However in the Fox News article, they do not include a statement from the Human Rights Campaign. Instead they include a description of the Human Rights Campaign, that it’s the nations largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights group, and...

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