Right to Spy on Citizens: Is It Justified?

Topics: Government, Freedom of speech, Law Pages: 2 (631 words) Published: October 31, 2013

''To assure our country's freedom, the government should be able to spy on its citizen.'' The government most definitely should not have the right to spy on its citizens. Even if it was to supposedly secure our country's freedom, it is doing nothing but taking away freedoms from its own people. It would be conflicting for our country to say that they are trying to secure our freedoms by spying on the citizens. Recent classified documents leaked by Edward Snowden (Former CIA and NSA employee) proved that the government has indeed been spying on its citizens. If the country is free, it does not need to be spied on and watched on all the time. That is what makes us unique from different nations. The prospect of protecting and defending your average citizen's rights should be its number one goal. If the government should choose to spy on its citizens, the trust between the two is broken. I believe that for a society to function properly, there should be a level of trust between the government and its people, and without it either end could abuse its power and lead to chaos. If the government censors or spies on the people, it would seem as though those freedoms are being violated and taken away. If the people in the country are not free, how can the government assure the country’s freedom through spying? In the Constitution, people are given freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom to bear arms, and just freedom to live their lives. Why would the government go against that, and spy on their own people? People are granted human rights and citizenship, so to spy on people will be injustice. In a sense, the government is spying on their selves, as they are humans too. They are contradicting themselves as lawmakers, and if they are to bring peace and freedom in this world, spying on their fellow citizens, won’t help. It doesn’t make any sense, as the United States of America is proclaimed to be “The Land of the Free.” If we are simply living in “The Land of the...
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