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Rights To Education ACT
Right to Education Act
What is the act about? * Every child between the ages of 6 to 14 years has the right to free and compulsory education. This is stated as per the 86th Constitution Amendment Act added Article 21A.  The right to education act seeks to give effect to this amendment * The government schools shall provide free education to all the children and the schools will be managed by school management committees (SMC).  Private schools shall admit at least 25% of the children in their schools without any fee. * The National Commission for Elementary Education shall be constituted tomonitor all aspects of elementary The Right of children to Free and Compulsory Education Act has come into force from today,April 1, 2010.education including quality. | Any cost that prevents a child from accessing school will be borne by the State which shallhave the responsibility of enrolling the child as well as ensuring attendance and completion of 8 years of schooling. No child shall be denied admission for want of documents; no childshall be turned away if the admission cycle in the school is over and no child shall be askedto take an admission test. Children with disabilities will also be educated in the mainstreamschools. The Prime Minister Shri Manmohan Singh has emphasized that it is important for the country that if we nurture our children and young people with the righteducation, India’sfuture as a strong and prosperous country is secure.  

All private schools shall be required to enroll children from weaker sections anddisadvantaged communities in their incoming class to the extent of 25% of their enrolment, by simple random selection. No seats in this quota can be left vacant. These children will betreated on par with all the other children in the school and subsidized by the State at the rateof average per learner costs in the government schools (unless the per learner costs in the private school are lower).All schools will have to...
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