Right to Die

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Right to Die
September 16, 2013
Karen Underwood

Right to Die
When an individual decides that he or she no long want to live because of death soon to be or a serious illness some states will allow the right to die. The right to die does not mean they will just give up on life and passed but is assisted in some way, which could be assistance from a doctor. Throughout this essay I will cover what the right to die means, what states allow and do not allow and what is used to assist in the right to die. Have you ever just felt like you wanted to die? All because you were just too tired, you broke up with your significant other or you are just too stressed to continue. Individuals dying of cancer, or are terminally ill some are scared to die whereas others just wish it was over so they were not in any more pain. I have chosen the “Right to Die” topic. My reasoning for choosing this topic is for two reasons: First I have always found this topic to be fairly interesting, and know of it but not a lot. Second I am a person who is scared of death so I am hoping that it will give me a little more understanding as to why someone would want this for his or herself. States that Allow Right to Die

There are only four states that allow the right to die law in the United States. Those states are Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Vermont. In Montana, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington the individual who is requesting to put an end to his or her life must be sound mind when requesting this service and must be confirmed by a doctor or witnesses.

It was in 1994 when Oregon passed a ballot called Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act. This was the first state to grant medications to terminally ill, mentally competent patients to end life in a humane and dignified manner (Lee, 2013). In 2008 Washington State was the second state to take the step just like Oregon. In 2009 Montana became the third state to follow Oregon and Washington (Lee, 2013). Countries that...

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