The Right of Privacy is one of the broadest yet most controversial rights we have, but it is not specifically in the U.S. constitution. There are however, a few Amendments that are the key to defining the right of privacy with the most important consisting of the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 9th and the 14th. Cases taken to the Supreme Court are also a substantial part of the Right of Privacy in a more specific way in which the highest courts of the United States decide upon the most controversial cases. There are many topics that come with the Right of Privacy such as abortion, religion, sex, sexuality, unlawful searches and medical decisions. These topics can lead to endless debates and every individual will have their personal opinions on them. The First Amendment of the U.S. constitution addresses basic individual rights such as freedom of the press, speech, religion and peacefully complaining to or asking for assistance from the Government without worry of consequences for doing so. It covers most topics in the Bill of Rights and is essential to any individual’s liberty in the United States. The First Amendment shapes what the rest of the Bill of Rights purpose is. An Amendment that favors the public and is the deciding factor in a lot of court cases is the Fourth. This amendment states that unreasonable search and seizures without a warrant or probable cause cannot be made. It is simple and much more specific than the other amendments but is definitely one of the most significant. Similar to the Fourth Amendment, the Fifth Amendment protects a defendant from any abusive power the government may try to use in a legal process. One more Amendment that can easily be argued as the most important is the Ninth. It reserves the people’s rights in the event that these rights are not written in the U.S. Constitution. What make up and justify these “Unenumerated Rights” are history, language in the Constitution, and previous cases. The amendment that is vital to the Right

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