right and wrong

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Right and Wrong
What is right and wrong? It sounds simple enough but when you actually sit down and think about it, it becomes a very complicated question to answer. Longman dictionary defined right as a statement or piece of information that is correct and based on true fact while wrong is a behavior that is not morally right or not based on true fact. For me, right and wrong are hard to define, it depends on your perspective of life, experiences, situation or your thought and how are you being educated. In our daily life, I think that there isn't always a right or wrong in any situation. Something that seems to be right for someone turned to be wrong for another person. Thus, no one can actually give a concrete and accurate definition for right and wrong.
I remember a verse from the bible which stated that so whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin. It clearly stated that although people cannot define right and wrong but they always have a choice to choose their destiny, they should do the things they found correct and away from evil thought. No one is going to be responsible for your sins, so always going towards the truth and beware of negative thought that against the morality.
My point of view concerning right and wrong is greatly affected by my family, friends and the education system. The things that people hate and may causes harm to the others are considered wrong while the things that make people feel good and as a contribution to the society are considered to be right. When I was young, I thought that when we did right things, we will be praised and we can have a lot of friends. What a childish thinking. When I grow older, I realized that people may not love you simply because you did a right thing and a true friend will always accept you even you did something wrong. It was definitely true during my life at IPG, sometimes when you think that you are

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