Right Against Discrimination- Child Labor.

Topics: Sweatshop, Poverty, Childhood Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: January 7, 2011
Right against Discrimination - Child Labour

Children are important assets of any society and nation. They are not only the future citizens of any nation but also its strength in reserve. Protection of children is crucial to their survival, health, and well-being. Everyday millions of children are exploited, abused, or are victims of violence. Bought and sold like commodities, children are forced to be soldiers, prostitutes, sweatshop workers, and servants. Abuse, exploitation and violence, occurring usually in private, are often elements in organized crime and corruption.

Whenever we talk on discrimination against children first thing which generally strikes is Child labour. Child labour is perceived to be an economic necessity of poor households and the exploitative aspect in children’s work is associated with the profit maximizing motive of commercial enterprises, wherein children are made to work long hours, paid low wages and denied opportunities for education. International Labour Organization (ILO) defines Child labour as “…include children leading permanently adult lives, working long hours for low wages under conditions damaging to their health, and physical and mental development, sometimes separated from their families, frequently deprived of meaningful educational and training opportunities that could open up to them a better future ”

India is an overpopulated and a low-income country has the vulnerability of falling prey to the menace of child labour, because of multiple factors. Parents for instance, because of their low income often put greater weight age on the quantity of children rather than on the quality. They often treat children as an asset- a source of supplementing family’s income as well as means of mortgage, apart from providing the supposed old age security to them. Thus, their own parents exploit the children not intentionally but as a part of their culture.

In India no major groups within or outside the government are...
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