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Riga - a cultural capital of the EU.
The Latvian capital Riga will officially be unveiled as the 2014 European Capital of Culture on January 17, 2014. But what Riga so attractive that it decided to named the cultural capital of Europe? Actually Riga one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. We pass through the streets of Riga almost every day, but much remains unseen by us. It is natural, in the bustle, late for work study, we simply do not have time to look up and see the magic paint our home town of Riga. Sometimes it seems that our Riga is no different from other cities and maybe some people think that other European cities are much nicer than Riga . But in my opinion it is not so. Riga is different from other cities and very noticeable. Namely, its architecture, monuments and new ideas in the creation of buildings. Most stored in memory is old Riga. House of Blackheads, Powder Tower, St. Peter's Church, Castle of president, everything is incredibly beautiful. We are all residents of this city have to appreciate what we have. No less beautiful is considered the left bank of the Daugava River. Now nearing completion building "Gaismas Pils" (Palace of Light) National Library Building, to be completed on January 18. Throughout Europe and West Asia known our gorgeous style buildings called - art nouveau. In this style, built many buildings on Albert Street and near streets located. Skilful creators was excised all to the smallest detail. On cornices featuring animals, people, flowers and ornaments. Many buildings renovated. Riga still worthy of being a cultural capital of the EU.
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