Riding the Waves of Culture - Questions

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Riding the waves of culture
Chapter 1 – An introduction to Culture
1- According to Trompenaars, culture is:
Culture is “the way in which group of people solves problems and reconciles dilemmas.” Culture is the context in which things happen.

2- What is “Glocalisation”?
“Glocalisation” is a new phenomenon which affects the management organization. Indeed, the organizational design tends to be standardized with globalization. So managers have to adapt their organization to the local characteristics of the market, to the fiscal regime, the political system and cultural system. They have to balance consistency and adaptation to succeed.

3- Why is it that many management processes lose effectiveness when cultural borders are crossed? Many companies are applying formulas in every area that are derived from their own culture. But, in fact, this does not work, because management could not be the same in each country, to provide the best management possible in a company, people must take care of the country’s habits. The Anglo Saxon management is used by a lot of companies but its deny cultural differences, so the management process is less effective in some countries.

4- Why does Trompenaars disagree about books on management that proscribe “One best way” to manage? Trompenaars disagree about books on management that proscribe “One Best Way “ to manage because according to him, there is no best way to manage. This organizational theory do not measure the effects of national culture but point to the importance of the market, the product.. in order to determine the most effective management and organization. For him, the important is to examine the visible and the invisible ways in which culture impacts on organizations. Because culture play an important role in the success or not of an international organization and management.

Chapter 2 – The One Best Way of Organizing Does Not Exist?...
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