Riding the Bus Wih My Sister Visual Rep

Topics: Disability, Bus stop, Photography Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: December 5, 2008

‘Riding the Bus with my Sister’ is about a mentally disabled adult, Beth who rides buses all day long and her sister, Rachael who has a high-profile career as a fashion photographer. There lives are very different and after the death of their father they are forced to combine their two lifestyles and get along. In this visual representation of ‘Riding the Bus with my Sister’ the theme of dealing with a mental disability and the issue of accepting and understanding others for the way they are. Motifs of riding the buses, the moon and Rachael’s photography are also used in this representation.

The theme of dealing with a mental disability is represented by Beth. Beth is shown in bright colours allowing the responder to see Beth bright and bubbly attitude towards life. Beth has also been made to appear smaller than Rachael to show how Beth’s behavior makes the audience thinks she’s just a child. The difficulties of this is expressed through Rachael and her thoughts as seen through the words ‘I’m Trapped’ which is said be Rachael after discovering that she has to care for her sister. Rachael’s view is also shown by her dark clothing; this creates contrast between Beth and Rachael as Beth’s life appears to be taken day by day and has a very simplistic view which is also enhanced by the quote, ‘that’s just the way it is’, whereas Rachael’s view is very organized and very black and white. The bumpy road that is taken throughout this movie is shown by the black strip across the bottom made to look like a road with bumps.

Accepting and understanding someone is normally hard to do but in Rachael’s case accepting and understanding her sister for who she is appears to be challenging. This is shown through the saying ‘Accepting each other is a fact of life, Understanding each other will take a little time’. This saying has been situated in between Beth and Rachael stating the fact that before Beth and Rachael can help each other they...
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