Ridicule: Movie Synopsis

Topics: Ridicule, French Revolution, Aristocracy Pages: 3 (1027 words) Published: January 12, 2008

Ridicule, as defined by the American Heritage Dictionary, can be a noun or verb meaning words or actions intended to evoke contemptuous laughter at or feeling towards a person or thing. Ridicule is also the title of a 1996 Patrice Leconte directed movie starring Charles Berling and Jean Rochefort. The movie depicts eighteenth century France and the court of Louis XVI at Versailles leading up to the French Revolution. The word Ridicule is both a good title for the movie and a good description of the time leading up to, and one of the causes of, the French Revolution. The Movie Ridicule is about a man journeys to Versailles to see the King in hopes of retaining financial backing to drain the swamps of his homeland so his people will not keep dying from disease. When he reaches Versailles, he realizes the only way to reach the King is to play the games of the court, and the only game the court plays is a battle of wit. The only way to win this warfare of wit is to ridicule your adversary better and faster than he ridicules you. The court, who think Voltaire as their bible, yet they no not for what he speaks. They use his words and phrases, but they forgot what he stood for. One of the first scenes indicative of the title Ridicule, is at a dinner party where the Baron de Gueret is trying to show his lineage in a painting of a man on a horse. The abbe de Villecourt ridicules him by asking if he is referring to the Horse rather than the man. Later de Gueret, who wants to see the King to trying to reinstate his family name to the status it once had, falls asleep while waiting for the King and de Villecourt removes de Gueret's shoe, tosses it in the fire, and exposes the hole in his sock. This forces Gueret, again ridiculed, to go around pleading like a peasant to borrow a shoe so he can make his appointment with the king. The hole in de Gueret sock is symbolism for his family's once prestigious reputation that is now worn and tattered. Needless to say, soon...
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