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Textbook Costs
The cost of textbooks at all colleges has gotten worse throughout the years. Most used books costs the same as rental books. I am majoring in a science degree and the textbook prices are atrocious. For example, tuition for summer for me is $1580 and the cost of books was around $428.43. I had to pay this all out of pocket since there is no financial aid for summer sessions. Most textbooks you can’t buy used or rent because it comes with a lab book that is brand new. I tried to buy my Chemistry 103 textbook used, but I had to get new since there was a lab book. When I went to go get money back for my books after fall semester I didn’t get anything for my Biology 103 book because they said they were coming out with a new edition. The same thing happened with my Math 097 book. There have been a couple of courses that I have taken where I bought the book and never used it at all. I just feel frustrated that I am spending all this money on textbooks that I will never use again. “The average price of textbooks rose 186 percent between 1986 and 2005, and continues to increase at a rate faster than inflation” (Hanover Research). Bookstores

Bookstores aren’t just trying to get you in to buy books; they are also trying to get you to buy school clothing, food, bags, etc. They just want our money any way they can get it. “Now campus bookstores are faced with yet another challenge: More and more students want to rent textbooks, not buy them” (Laster). For example the English 110 textbook cost $97.95 used and $52.25 renting. Renting the textbook saved me about $46.00. That money could buy or rent another textbook for any student. Why College Students Sell Back Their Textbooks

Many students now have to sell their textbooks because they can’t afford to buy ones that they need for the upcoming semester. I sell my own books if I don’t need them and I need some money. But if the bookstore is getting a new edition, they will not give you...
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