Ride Along Paper

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Katelyn Sanchez
Legal Systems Ride Along Paper

As the daughter of a police officer (Jerry Sanchez), I feel I have a unique perspective and opinion on the profession. I have grown up in a household where law enforcement and all that goes with it are an everyday adventure. Since my Dad has many police officer friends I have been exposed to those who work in the field often. I have always thought of these people like family and therefore have a great respect and admiration for them and the job they perform. I feel as if I have an insider view because I know exactly what police officers do during the course of the day since I hear about it at dinner every night. Not only are police officers doing traffic stops and responding to 911 calls they are also a beacon of hope and source of information for people. My Dad tells of being flagged down often for directions or to be asked where a certain restaurant is located. I must say this is not his favorite aspect of the job! I have always been lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit the police station and get behind the scene tours and ride with my Dad in his patrol car. My Mother didn’t like the idea of me riding along with another officer so I will be writing about previous visits and rides with my Dad.

The last time I had the opportunity to ride in my Dad’s patrol car was on November 26, 2014. My Dad is a patrol officer in the Southwest Denver area, which is referred to as District 4 within the City and County of Denver. As a patrol officer in this area he is assigned to answering calls, which means he is not a traffic officer. He can, of course, pull over vehicles that may be involved in a crime or fit a description of a vehicle needing to be detained. He does not however solely look for traffic violations such as speeding; he said that Denver has specific traffic officers who do those things. On November 26th when I got in my Dad’s patrol car I right away noticed a laptop computer sitting...
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