Richard Saladin Source F

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How similar were Richard and Saladin?
1. Look at source F. Which person is Richard and why?
I think Richard is the one on the horse with the long flying cape on his back because it is the main feature in the picture and is not faded out like the rest of the picture and he also has a crown on his head. 2. Is source F Primary or Secondary? Why?

3. What do sources G-J tell us about Richard?
It tells us that King Richard was a very powerful and a man of great courage and spirit. He had a great passion for war and is a man of wisdom, experience and energy. King Richard was very brave and clever man. He was always eager in fighting and had all the looks like those of a king. He was tall, of good build, with hair of a tawny yellow colour. 4. Was Richard a good soldier? Use the sources to help you?
I think he was a good soldier because in source G it said that he was very brave and fought great battles and had a burning passion for war which makes you think that he must’ve been a good soldier during war. 5. Was Richard a good king? Use the sources to help you?
I don’t think Richard was a very good king because he didn’t like his home town England very much and was never there to support England. It tells you this in source I.
1. Look at source A. Write down three words you think best describe the person in the picture
He is a very strong Muslim man, looks powerful and looks very serious. 2. Look at source B. Does it agree with source A? explain
Yes it does. This is because in source A he does look quite small and frail and he has quite a sad look on his face which is like the description in source B. 3. Look at source C. Is it primary or secondary? Explain

4. Why do you think Saladin was known as ‘the merciful’? use the sources
I think he was called the merciful because in source E about the little girl he shows pity and kindness and helps the mother try to get her child back and in the end she does

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