Richard Kluger “from Simple Justice”

Topics: Supreme Court of the United States, Brown v. Board of Education, Plessy v. Ferguson Pages: 3 (917 words) Published: May 3, 2012
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Richard Kluger “From Simple Justice”
No supreme court has changed the United States as did Brown v. Board of Education. Many articles have been written about the case, but one that starts off and tells how it all really began and shows the whole process until the decision has been made is Richard Kluger’s “From Simple Justice”. In this article, Kluger takes us back to the moment of change. This article explains the struggle this case suffered to finally come out victorious at the end. It went through two main Chief Justices, one of whom was very lost and uncertain of where this was all going to end, and the other whom was sure of what he believed in and had a strong faith in his overall goal that he wanted to achieve.

It all began with Chief Justice Vinson. By the 1952 term, the court was failing to reach a unanimous decision eighty one percent of the time, making this twice as high percentage of disagreement as it had been recorded a decade earlier. This showed Chief Vinson’s failure as Chief Justice. Soon thereafter, Chief Vinson and the rest of the Justices had to deal with the case of Brown v Board of Education. He would find himself lost and confused most of the time as to what direction this case would take. Their main focus would be to deal with the segregated states of the South, who would be very difficult to persuade dealing with this issue that was of great importance in that area. As the 1952 term ended, Vinson was distressed over the court’s inability to find a strong, unified position on such an important case. Not too long after this, Vinson dies in an unfortunate event of a heart attack on 1953. The rest of the members of the Court attended Vinson’s burial in Louisa, Kentucky, which was his ancestral home, but not all of the members grieved equally for his death. One of the members, Frankfurter, did not grieve at all. He had not admired Vinson as a judge or man. Frankfurter thought Vinson was the main obstacle for...
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