Richard III

Topics: Kill, Edward I of England, Marriage Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: November 8, 2014
In Richard III, Richard has very close relationships with everyone he plans to get rid of to gain power. He is wicked with his ways, but his clever wordplay is such a powerful tool. He started off with his brothers Edward and George. He starts off with his brother George, who is the next in line for the throne. He convinces King Edward that a member of the family with a name “G” plans on killing the family so he can take over the throne and become king. So King Edward acts on this lie that Richard tells him so his brother George is put in jail for treason. While he is in jail he tells his brother that he is going to do anything and everything to get him set free. He then sends people to kill him in the tower and ditch his body in a tub of wine. Then he just waits for his brother King Edward to pass away because he becomes very ill.

Richard seduces Lady Ann during her father-in-laws funeral. Even though she knows that he killed members of her family she still falls into the trap of Richards’ wordplay and goes with it. Within the words he uses while talking Lady Ann into marrying him. It seems he makes his deformity go away. He says he has no game with the ladies but obviously he does since he just convinced her to marry him. While wooing her, he knows that he will become something of greater power. Indeed he does, he gets the title of being the protector of his nephews. They’re the next in line for the throne, so he has them locked away in the tower to keep them out of the way of danger.

While that was going on he gets a wingman named Buckingham, he uses Buckingham to help him campaign for the throne and he was working really hard to do so. He doesn’t act like he is very interested in the throne so it doesn’t give away anything that he is doing. His campaigning paid off and he gains the throne of England. He plays it off like he is doing the country a favor by becoming King because he can do more for them than Edward could have. In the end he tells...
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