Richard Florida's Ideas to Reshape America

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How the Crash Will Reshape America
Richard Florida

How the Crash Will Reshape America
Kristopher and Katie Anderson, homeowners of a beautiful three story house, are handing over the keys and walking away from their family residence for the last time. Katie is in tears as she leaves behind the sixteen years of memories made in this home with her three children. A few family pets are even buried in the half acre of woods behind the house. You can still see the bare spots of grass from the play set the kids used to play on after school. This is the last time she will see this house, their house. Kristopher is holding back tears also, as the man of the house he fears he let his family down. He had given his family everything and prepared for hard times but it was not enough. He had to tell his wife, two daughters, and one son that ‘it was time’. Time to leave the only home they knew and start over. Hoping to restart but knowing their family home will never be a part of that. What if something would have been different? What if the bank could have said; “You know what; how about a second chance?” Richard Florida in his writing “How the Crash Will Reshape America” has an idea of just that. What if those who are going through hard times because of the recession are given a second chance? A second chance to keep their family home.

Kris, like nearly eight million other Americans, lost his job back in 2008, as a mortgage broker. (CNN News) He was one of the earliest hit as when the economy started to falter people stopped buying homes, since no one knew just had bad it was going to be. Kristopher owned his own mortgage company for just under twenty years. He was well known in the growing Minnesota community and made a name for himself. That name grew to be a good income for his family of five. Bringing home over two hundred thousand a year and providing more than just the necessities for his family, he was very fortunate....

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