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Topics: Routing, Internet Protocol, IP address Pages: 2 (282 words) Published: August 26, 2013
1. List all items below which need to match before an "OSPF" neighbor relationship can be formed: a) Interface MTU
b) Cisco hardware model
c) Autonomous system number
d) OSPF process id

2. In the below, which IP header field is reduced by one on a router before attempting to forward the IP packet? a) ICMP
b) Port
c) Version
d) TTL

3. Mr Karashin Hastish asks you to perform IP troubleshooting and router IP connectivity, one of the first things you would verify is ________. a) the router’s configuration to ensure that only dynamic routing protocols are utilized as static routes are known to have high failure rates

b) the interface status of all the interfaces to ensure Layer 1 & 2 connectivity has not failed c) the ability of the router to perform DNS queries from a DNS sources as this is critical to the router’s ability to forward IP packets

d) the ability of the router to retrieve NTP information from a time source as this is critical to the router’s ability to forward IP packets

4. Mrs Maria A. Costureira, your new manager, asked "Which option below correctly describes the port security feature found on Cisco switches?" a) Provides a bypass mechanism of STP blocking at a port level b) Provides firewall access control features at the switchport level c) Provides the capability to restrict the number of MAC addresses allowed to communicate through a switch port at one time

d) Provides authentication of users

5. Reading the below, what term describes a type of network that is a non-broadcast network but allows more than two devices to be connected?
a) DCE
b) DTE
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