Richard Cory, Edwin Arlington Robinson

Topics: Happiness, Personal life, Edwin Arlington Robinson Pages: 2 (873 words) Published: October 10, 2010
Claudia Garces
In the poem “Richard Cory”, Edwin Arlington Robinson argues that ones outer shell can be deceiving, never envy your neighbors fortune. Richard Cory glides through town glowing looking “richer than a king”(9) pretending to have all the happiness anyone ever imagined. This alone causes the envy of the entire town. They probably will never know if he is truly happy or if all this is just another front. “We people”(2) who are never satisfied with our own goals and achievements are the ones that sit “on the pavement”(2) wasting our time . People should always be thankful for what they have and what they have accomplished. They should never whish to be in other peoples’ palace because what they have now may be what God knows to be the best for them. Everyone always makes the mistake of wishing they could be that other person just because of the first impression that another person presents before them, it could be just looks or the money they appear to have. A person can only see what the other person allows them see or only what the person wishes to make the other person believe. It happens all over the world in everyone’s daily life. It could be as small as hiding a bad morning or as big as hiding a whole life of misery. A neighbor of many years comes out every morning holding a coffee in his hand and a smile his face and picks up the news paper, and if the neighbor is out, he will greet “Good Morning! Have a wonderful day.” This neighbor is always so joyful so happy, has a big beautiful house and a beautiful big front and back yard. A class mate has it all, school fully paid for, a brand new car and a debit card he uses as a little magic wand. What else can he wish for when he has it all. Your boss has always comes to work looking impeccable, always talking about how great the family is, how there is nothing that would make his life better. All thes Robinson uses Richard Cory to represent the many people who present themselves as rich,...
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