Richard Cory

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Richard Cory
The poem "Richard Cory" is a strong poem that was written by two different authors, Edwin Robinson and Paul Simon. Richard Cory is a picture of a man who has everything. This description is not true, of course, because in the end Richard "put a bullet through his head". In both of the poems, the people of the town could only wish, they could be Richard Cory. While cursing the lives they are living. In order to understand the poem accurately, each image and comparison or contrast will be closely analyzed.

The first contrast we come to see is the power Richard Cory has, yet how he has lost it all in one moment. Everyone wants to be Richard Cory, and come away from their poverty and sadness. "He had everything a man could want: power, grace, and style." Richard Cory can have anything he wants, so why would he take his own life? Richard Cory in his suicide displays a hint of powerlessness. Going from having it all and having nothing at all. Being able to have anything you want, also being envied by the town. Then he took his life for no real reason. All the power he owns, owning the town practically, could be the reason for suicide. If the town were to reject him even though they envy him, could also push him to become powerless, and suicidal.

One image that we see as well is one of failure. Not only failure to himself, but to the whole town. His failure shows us that even though he was a "gentleman from sole to crown", he is not what he seems to be. He leads the town to believe he has everything, then takes it all away. Failure to Richard Cory means suicide for himself.
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