Richard Avedon

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This Photograph taken by Richard Avedon quite simply explains the raw talent that Avedon had and how his ideas developed into photographs and techniques that would be carried on down for decades, also influencing many of the great and aspiring photographers around the world. (where was this from)

Form: The image is composed, the angle of the camera is slightly lower than the eye level of the model creating a more impressive view of the delicate model and monstrous animals. Avedon used a (type of camera) and the foreground holds focus but when looking closely you can see the elephant to the far left is out of focus which helps direct you line of vision to concentrate on the main focail point of the tiny frame of Domiva holding this (stunning) dress



Compare and Contrast:

What does this photograph mean:


I feel positive looking at this image as it reminds me of almost a breakthrough as Dovima is almost gliding through the gap between the two giants that resemble the bleak period in time breaking it up with hope and luxury.

Image Analysis

Dovima with Elephants, Richard Avedon, August 1955, Cirque d’Hiver Paris

“ It is worth emphasising that there is no single or ‘correct’ answer to the question, ‘What does an image mean? or ‘What is this ad saying?’. Since there is no law which can guarantee that things will have ‘one, true meaning’, or that the meaning won’t change over time, work in this area is bound to be interpretative - a debate between, not who is ‘right’ and who is ‘wrong’, but between equally plausible, though sometimes competing and contested, meanings and interpretations’ Hall, S. (1997) Looking at the statement above by Hall, I will critically anaylise a particular inspiring photograph by Richard Avedon - ‘Dovima with elephants‘ ( see word count at the end if I need this introduction)

( Introduction Richard Avedon’s background)

Richard Avedon was born in 1923, in the city of New York. At the age of 17, Avedon dropped out of Deweitt CLinton high school to join the Merchant Marines photographic section, where he took personal identification photographs. From here he went on seberal missions to photograph shipwrecks and in 1944 he got a job as a photographer for a department store. Following this Avedon made his living from working in advertising as well as being a photographer for Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. Through contacts that he made here he managed to show others his stylistically innovative fashion work. He was the first photographer that took the risk of

PUT IN INTRODUCTION ( Looking at Avedons work, we are confronted with the poor majority that often are faced with poverty such as, miners, the unemployed, farmers, cowboys and convicts. He believed in the idea of making photographs document of record) - find body of work where he went travelling across america. contrast to the image that I am going to anaylise.

Even though Avedon’s reputation was first earned as a fashion photographer, his main achievement came in his reinvention of the photographic portraiture, experimenting with minimal design, natural light and informal poses. His work captures the aesthetic mood of the moment with his natural ability to express the essence of his subject. He was able to bring the veiwer into the photograph making them close to the great and famous. His Portraits of most often in front of a white background, with limited backdrops and extraneous detail to take attention off the desirable model. One of Avedons ‘most famous fashion photograph’ Owen Edwards (2005), (find new qoute for this bit) is that of Dovima with Elephants taken in the August of 1955 in Paris. Avedon used the impressive circus building ‘Cirque d’Hiver’ ,as his backdrop for ‘his most famous fashion photograph’ Owen Edwards (2005). The building itself was designed by French architect, Jacques Ignace Hittoff built in 1852. (style of building evident in...
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