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How to make beaded jewelry

-Nylon or memory wire-long nose
- Beads-bracelet clasps


1. Cut whatever string you are going to use about 10 inches, more if you have a bigger wrist.

2. Lay out the beads on a flat surface and make a design for your bracelet.

3. String the beads on the beading or elastic string until it is as long as you want.

When there is about 2 inches of string left on each side of the bracelet, you are ready to finish off the bracelet.

4. If you used elastic string, you can just knot the ends. If you used beading string, you are going to need to use bracelet clasps so you can take the bracelet on and off - knot the ends of the string around those holes on each side of the clasp. There you have it!

How to make candy bouquets

Candy bouquets are a new take on the candies and flowers we normally give as gifts or tokens to friends and loved ones. And it can be a good sideline business, too, especially on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and other occasions.   

Candy bouquets are also hot items for sale in online stores, so check out the Web to earn dollars from retail websites sellingpadala items.  
JhoannaGan-So, president and head of research and design at Businessmaker Academy, says candy bouquet making is a good complement business to gift basket making, selling baked goodies and sweets, and doing balloon arrangements.  

* a pair of scissors
* measuring tape
* mini glue gun
* 1 mini glue stick (P2.46)
* 7 pieces of chocolates (preferably the Ferrero Rocher brand) (P14.67 each) * 7 balloon sticks and caps (P2.75 each set)
* 1 flower accent (P10 each)
* 7 flowerets (P3 for a bunch of 5)
* curling ribbon (11/3-yard long)
* 0.65 yard ribbons (one-inch wide) (P10.50 per yard)
* a bow (P11.75)
* floral tape (3.5-yard long, size 12mm x 33m) (P40 per 33-meter roll) * 2 sheets of non-woven wrapper (P16.50 per sheet, which can make 22 pieces) * scotch tape (18mm x 25m) (P7 per roll)

Step 1: Cut the balloon stick in two. Glue one end of the stick to a balloon cap. *  

Step 2: Wrap the balloon stick with floral tape to make it look like a real stem. Stretch the floral tape as you cover the length of the stick to make its adhesive hold more firmly.  
Step 3: Glue the tin-wrapped chocolate to its paper wrapper and then to the balloon cap.  

* Step 4: Cut the non-woven wrapper into 8 cm by 18 cm pieces. Wrap this piece like a cone around the balloon cap. Secure it to the balloon stick with a 17- cm curling ribbon. Curl the ribbon's ends.  


Step 5: Glue a floweret between the ribbon curls. Follow the same steps for the number of chocolate flowers you'd like in the bouquet.  

Step 6: To make a bouquet, gather several candy flowers and tape the sticks together tightly, forming it into a pyramid.  
* Step 7: Wrap the candy flowers in two layers of non-woven wrappers to create pleats. *  
Step 8: Tie an inch-wide ribbon around the bouquet to secure it. Attach a bow over the ribbon.  
* Step 9: For a fancier bunch, add artificial flowers at the lower portion of the bouquet.  
To compute its selling price, simply add to the production cost a 150-percent mark-up for a per-stick sale, and 40 percent to 75 percent mark-up if sold per bunch.  
Hence, a candy flower costs P21.97 to make and can be sold for P55. A bunch of seven candy flowers costs P207.40 to make and can be sold for P300 to P350.

TIPS to improve your bouquet-making skills:
* Experiment with...
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