Rich Dad Poor Dad

Topics: Thing, Economics, Poverty Pages: 1 (349 words) Published: October 26, 2014
In chapter 7, the author discusses overcoming obstacles financially. Once again we are comparing the rich to the poor. The rich make themselves more intelligent when it comes to making money or overcoming their financial obstacles. One thing about the rich is, they lose money because they constantly make investments or can be careless at times. The author tells us in this chapter about people not taking the step or opportunity to get them to be more successful. I don't think it has anything to do with you being rich or poor, but some people just don't have the same drive as others. Some people are just poor lazy and want all the money in the world. You have to work to be successful in life. Keeping busy keeps you from being lazy. It can be a challenge to always think about making money instead of actually trying to find ways to make money. Kiyosaki also says having or creating bad habits can be an issue from making money. You should always "treat yourself". There were two ways of paying yourself. The poor dad says he paid himself by paying his debts first and himself last. The rich dad treated himself by paying for himself first and then paying his debts. I think the poor dad is making the better decision in this concept because I rather have my bills paid off than spending my money on material things. Whether your rich or poor you can't be successful financially always because you can lose money whenever. The majority of Americans today rather spend their money on trying to have materialistic things and keep up with the newest. This chapter really showed and broaden my horizons on how to make more investments versus spending my money on materialistic things. I already go with the memo of paying my debts off first and treating myself later. It doesn't make logical sense to make myself look good if I don't have any money in my pocket. In life, you have to overcome obstacles keep your ahead above water, especially with today's economy.
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