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Topics: Capital accumulation, Robert Kiyosaki, Thought Pages: 3 (831 words) Published: September 7, 2014
Viren Solanki
Professor Scott H. Novak
Course Law 2276-22
6 March 2014
“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by: Robert Kiyosaki

I personally liked Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. Moreover, I already read the book before taking this course. A positive attitude is essential as per him. The book encourages people to not be timid investors, to be educated about accounting and to think critically about business. The author gives readers insight in how to change their thinking. Yes not all the things he says are true or possible such as income tax deductions etc. and will not work in all countries, and yes it is true that he comes across as someone you would have to be very careful dealing with because he likes not to pay on time, and yes he tries to exaggerate that his dad was poor and that is not at all true if he came from a prominent family, and yes you have to be careful about believing what he says because he is a promoter and makes money over the short term if he can and he is a great salesman that is why he can sell millions of copies of a book that talks about attitudes to make money. It is an inspiring book even with all of its faults. 1. What are the key elements expressed by the author?

K's book is a discussion on how to accumulate wealth but is far from a how to get rich. It has more value in a lesson in critical thinking which is how it is being used in this course something K would find hard to swallow perhaps because he asserts schools teach the accumulation of data and not critical thinking. In that he is wrong. His criticism is a simplified and antiquated description of school in North America where critical thinking is the goal, and the reason both literature and math is taught. Schools strive to teach independent critical thinking by giving students both assignments like this and books like this to read. I am sure K does not realize this but would be pleased. Moreover he tries to tell us that he was from a poor family but I feel that...

Cited: Kiyosaki, Robert T. "Rich Dad, Poor Dad | Robert T. Kiyosaki." Bainvestor Reviews Small Business and Investing Books. N.p., n.d. Web. 6 Mar. 2014.
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