Rich Dad Poor Dad

Topics: Poverty, Father, Personal finance Pages: 3 (1398 words) Published: August 1, 2010
In the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki with Sharon L. Lechter the author who is also the narrator talks about how to educate yourself and your kids about money and how to control your money instead of letting it control you. The author grew up in Hawaii in a middle class family but had the chance to learn about money from his rich friend, Mike whose father in the book is referred to as his rich dad. The lessons concentrate on six major points of view that his rich dad taught him. He also compares and contrasts the advice he got from both of his fathers. His poor dad (who is his biological father) was a very educated man but he didn’t know how to make, use and invest his money. He concentrated more on the stability of money and thought that vacations, health insurance and working for a good company is very important. In the book the author says that his rich dad told him “Study hard so you can find a good company to work for.” Unlike what his rich dad taught him which was “Study hard so you can find a good company to buy.” His rich father only finished 8th grade and did not continue with school but had a lot of street smarts. The author had a hard time picking which dads advise to listen to and at the end he picked the rich dad’s advice. In the beginning of the book the author talks a lot about attitude and you’re outlook on life. He says that you need to learn how to control your money instead of letting it control you. And one of the most important things that his rich dad tells him is that don’t say “I can’t afford it” instead focus on “How can I afford it” because if you allow yourself to defeat yourself, you will not be able to move forward and your brain will stop thinking. One of the first lessons his rich dad riches teaches him is “If you learn life’s lessons, you will do well. If not, life will just continue to push you around” and that he teaches them because when the author is a little boy, he and Mike try to find a way to make money but...
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