rich dad and poor dad

Topics: Investment, Finance, Personal finance Pages: 4 (1308 words) Published: October 5, 2013
Fatima May Del Monte
This story about Rich Dad, Poor Dad it inspires a lot of people who already read this book. It gives us motivation in life. We all know everyone has a purpose in life. Educational attainment is important to have a successful life in the future. Treasure your knowledge about the things you’ve learned. Make some experienced like working in a company and pay yourself and buy a reward for you. By sharing your knowledge to everyone that you talked to has a chance to have more ideas in what you do. Be dedicated about your work; it is important to get involved in some investment, business ventures to have a secure and comfortable life. Used your skills about how to hold your finances right. “Rich does not work for money” they’ve work for keeping safe and the willingness to learn something new. They classify the standard of living, the powers that influenced many people and the money that controls all the necessities in the world. In the ‘Rat Race’ game in the monopoly board it shows how the player needs information to invest in a good deal to win the game and how you spent your money wisely. He never exits because he keeps going around, always returning to the same place where he was before. Once we find ways to make more money working more to pay for our expenses, we find new ways to spend our money, which in turn gets us into more expenses. That is why we never find the exit from and will keep running in the rat race. Most of us got used to it because that is what almost everybody gets from life, but if you think about it for a while; we want to get out the rat race to be able to be financially independent and have a control of our lives. Many people trapped in a rat race because they do not know manage finances are important to value your money. Even if you are rich or poor you will think a good investment and keeping your money more useful and productive.

The rich man has to...
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