Rice in Vietnam

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First group report


Rice is the most essential food in Vietnam. From the starvation in 1945, Vietnam has tried a lot to produce enough rice for domestic consumption, and even enough for exporting overseas. Vietnam now has become a large market, attracted many investor from all around the world. This is a general report about rice in Vietnam, which will provide all necessary information for people who want to invest in Vietnam. This report contains 3 main parts, which are: * Natural characteristics of rice in Vietnam

* Quality and productivity
* Possibility of consumption

Natural characteristics of rice in Vietnam
Kinds of rice in Vietnam

Because having tropical climate, Vietnam can grow a lot of kinds of rice like: sticky rice, ordinary rice, wet rice,… But among those, rice is divided into 2 major kinds: * Wet rice: water is the most important for this kind of rice. It can live, grow advantageously when it was flooded out. When it lacks water, it will grow weakly. * Dry rice: the origin of dry rice is wet rice because it was grown on land for many days so it gradually adapt to dry condition. It only needs soil has enough moisture so it can grow and give productivity. Other name of this kind of rice is upland rice.

Rice was grown on alluvial soil has a different quality to rice was grown on alkaline land. When people grow rice on alkaline land for many days, the seed is gradually changed about quality. When people grind seed, it will be break down in many pieces, rice is often dry and tough than to the seed which grown on alluvial soil. Two largest places for planting rice are Red River plain and Cuu Long River plain.

Rice seasons

Crops in Vietnam depend tightly on weather and climate. Now we have 3 main crops: winter-spring, summer-fall and winter crop. However, each region’s crops has time for cultivate is different. 1. In the north:

* Fifth month rice: to...
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