Rice by Manuel Arguilla

Topics: Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, Hoover Institution Pages: 5 (671 words) Published: July 4, 2011

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Rice By Manuel Arguilla

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Rice By Manuel Arguilla
RICE by Manuel Arguilla
Formalistic Approach

The story “Rice” is a narrative story describing the situation of rice farmers and their family in Hacienda Consuelo. It was when the social condition is only on the side of those in the higher class. At the beginning of the story you can actually feel the dark or unpleasant feeling the characters is experiencing. Mang Pablo, the main character has three children – two of them are boys and a little girl named Isabel. He is a thin dark man. Thin because of inadequate food especially this season when they have no harvest. He is dark in complexion because of everyday farming under the heat of the sun. Her wife Sebia is also thin as indicated in the line “her skirts clung to her thin legs...” The couple Andres and Osiang is the neighbour of Mang Pablo. There is also a rude senora and a watchman in the rice field. Other farmer named Elis act as the leader of the farmers. Elis and Andres aspire for changes or merely they just want

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a just arrangement for the rice they borrowed to senora. It is the farmers against the immoral senora. Because of the situation, farmers start to complain about the arrangement that for every five cavans of rice they borrowed, they have to pay it for ten cavans and that even a handful of snails from the rice field costs five cavans of rice. Farmers plan to ambush the truck loaded of rice that are about to deliver in the city. Andres find it better to steal that rice than to have nothing to eat because for him it is not stealing like the statement suggests “it is not stealing...the rice is ours.” Mang Pablo chose not to go with the plan of Elis and Andres but Pablo cant take to see his family especially his children crying because they have nothing to eat. In the end, Mang Pablo decided to go with Elis and Andres. He said “we shall have food tonight!” that clearly shows that Mang Pablo is a father that will do anything for his family even stealing. The story is told by the narrator who is...

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