Ricco Story (Narrative Story)

Topics: High school, Cocaine, Drug addiction Pages: 3 (1314 words) Published: March 12, 2014
D’angelo Brooks
Andrew R. Jacobs
Fundamentals of Reading And Writing I
Introduce Me to the Streets “Ricco Story”
Introduce me to the streets is the way Roger G. Brooks gain his knowledge to this place we call life. Roger G. Brooks formally known in the streets as Ricco, Lil Ricco, or Ricco Smooth is a young man who grew up as a child with no father, and mother as a addict who couldn’t control here ways of drug usage around him. So, as the introduction continues every piece of knowledge and wisdom he gained was from struggling all of his life on the streets to survive in the jungle of hell. The stories of Ricco are untold or unknown because he doesn’t exist to modern people or family members who stopped communicating to him cause of his sins. Introduce me to the streets is more than a story about knowledge or wisdom, but a story of a person life who was given a different challenge of gain knowledge everyday good or bad. The word knowledge took on a different route when it came to me Ricco Smooth as young reckless child growing up in the crack infested slums, and projects in which he strived to gain benefits every day. Each benefit he gained came with a more powerful introduction towards the streets that scared parents and traumatized young minds every day. One account he explained to me was on the date of October 9, 1997 at the age of eight as him and my cousin Bobby were planning to steal candy from the local store for a snack for a smoke session. As the story goes them instead of just trying to be sneaky with their stealing they decide to do it like the big kids masks with two pellet guns. The store cashier that was there could had never expected two young kids to shoot him with pellet guns just for some candy, but it happened at mid-day when they left school to go get the guns for robbery of Fifty teen cent candy. Ricco told me “The biggest piece of knowledge I actually got from that situation with a smile on his face was never to attempt a...
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