Rhode Island School of Design: Admissions Essay

Pages: 1 (395 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Rhode Island School of Design
What is the most important thing you hope will have happened to you as a result of your time in the RISD community? “RISD is one of the best art schools in the country. john, you should go to that school,” said Mr. Rodgers, my art teacher. I have a very strong desire to go to RISD. When RISD’s pre-college program began, people did their best to show their artwork and I realized how much I loved RISD pre-college program. I believe that in this kind of community, where other people are working hard, I will be able to improve myself greatly. Since I am an international student from Taiwan, I am extremely excited to know that people from different cities and countries are going to join this community with cultures different from mine. In my opinion, finding myself in the community and truly learning about myself are he most important experiences that I will have in college. From spending time in the RISD community, I hope to obtain a better understanding of my art and myself. It means a lot to me that I will be able to achieve my art dream and learn from teachers or students, as well as share my style of art with others. Master Van Gogh is my favorite artist mostly because his work is very impressive. A long time ago people may have not understood his work, but he still worked hard on it and never gave up. He understood what he was doing and wanted to achieve his art dream. That is why he did not stop doing his art. I hope I will understand more of myself by going to RISD. I want to learn and understand so much about various areas of art as well as shape my own talent and grow as an artist. I want to help the community with art and be a part of the school process show and community. I believe people will like my artwork one day and support me, so I can have my art show to share with other artists. All in all, the more I learn the more I get. I believe that the art world at RISD will help shape my personal style and make it even...
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