Rhino Capture

Topics: Rhinoceros, Hunting, Sales Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Case Discussion: Rhino Capture in Kruger National Park

1. What is SANparks/ Kruger National Park’s objective and Vision? Is selling rhino consistent with their objective and vision? If Not, Then what should it be? Some of the Park’s objective include reintroducing populations into national parks, enhancing the conservation status of rare and threatened species and controlling over-abundant wildlife populations to avert the threats of habitat degradation leading to loss of biodiversity. Selling Rhino could be considered contradictory to their mission. This is because the White Rhino is not considered to be over populated so the selling of these animals is only for a financial gain since their government assistance had been cut. Their objective should be to protect these animals. They don’t have a way of tracking them once they have been sold they are potentially putting a lot of animals at risk. 2. Who are the suppliers of rhino and what was the average selling price of a rhino? The suppliers are Kruger game capture unit, their average selling price is $30,300. 3. What is different about selling to a safari company and a hunting company? A safari company puts the rhino in a simulated wild environment to have the animals be observed. A hunting company is for the sport of hunting and capitalizes on the selling the opportunity to hunt a rhino, and then sells the body parts such as the horn to make further capital gains. 4. What are the driving forces behind poaching?

Demand for rhino horn in emerging markets such as Asia and India have made poaching extremely profitable. An average rhino horn weighs six to eight pounds and is reported to be worth $7,200 per pound. This industry has been greatly influenced by the rise of Asia and India’s economies. 5. How would you reduce Poaching?

To reduce poaching I would implement a tracking program to insure that all rhinos sold from the park were treated appropriately and not killed. I think the park has a moral obligation...
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