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Topics: Rhetoric, Emotion, Logos Pages: 2 (284 words) Published: May 11, 2014
From The Apology Dialectical Journal Cornell Notes

Rhetorical strategies: Ethos (credibility of speaker), Logos (logical), Pathos (emotional) Directions: Find at least one, good example of each rhetorical strategy. Passage quoted MLA style (w/ authorʻs name + page #)

Summary: what the passage says. (“It says.”)
Your analysis in complete sentences: what the passage means. Focus on meaning, significance and/or your response to the passage. (“I say.”)
Rhetorical strategy/ies with explanation/s
(R. Renehan 100)

“Perhaps most striking is the freely chosen death at an early age… where Achilles already knows his fate.” I think that this relates to the rhetorical strategy Logos because it talks about how you know whats coming next and whats going to happen next. I chose Logos for this passage because it fit best and I thought of this when I read the passage. (R. Renehan 101)

“the first words that ever he speaks to his mother Thetis are… there is never any doubt as to which he shall choose.” I think that this relates to the rhetorical strategy Pathos because it talks about feeling and emotion and the wording really plays a big part how you take it and react to it. I chose Pathos because it fit best for the passage I chose. Also, because it reminded me of Pathos. (R. Renehan 101)

“ Such a choice is in the heroic manner… is among the greatest things of all legendary literature.” I think this relates to the rhetorical strategy Ethos because it talks about credibility and sources. Also, it talks about whether that person is trustworthy or not. I chose Ethos because it best fit the passage I chose. Also, because Ethos matched what the passage was saying and talking about.
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