Rhetorical Strategies of Esther Burr’s Journal

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Eng ap.
In Esther Burr’s journal entry on, May 1, 1742, the ten year old girl documents a particular outing with her father, through the wilderness. She has a very deep respect for her father, so when she gets the chance to travel to “the spring wood” with him she could not be happier. Her use of language, including; diction and imagery, the manner in which she talks about the knowledge she gained that day, and of course how she looks up to her father reveals just how cherished this outing was for her. Esther’s deeply rooted respect for her father is evident from the very first sentence she wrote, “I have just come back from a most wonderful ride with my honored father” and continues throughout the passage, she calls him “a great traveler” and brings him water, intently listens to everything he says. She was particularly excited for the outing because her father was very talkative and taught her a lot, this was special for her because he is “usually taciturn or preoccupied.” How she talks about her father, the great respect she has for him, reveals alone how important this day was for her. When a person idealizes another so much, time spent with them will always be a great experience, regardless of what they do. Another clue to how significant this experience was for her is Esther diction she uses so many adjectives showcasing how amazing this day was for. Going back to the very first line she refers to her trip as “a most wonderful ride.” Again she continues this pattern throughout the passage, she talks about how beautiful the nature surrounding her was, “ The forests between our house and the full-banked river were very beautiful. The wild cherry and the dogwood were in full bloom. The squirrels were leaping from tree to tree, and the birds were making a various melody.” She truly appreciated every aspect of her time with her father, the imagery shows that.

Esther’s language reflects how important she views the knowledge she gained from the...
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