Rhetorical Strategies in Howards End

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Cait Sackman
Mrs. Mary Ellen Minogue
A.P. Language and Composition A
October 3, 2013
Foster’s Rhetorical Strategies
Master novelists craft their texts in such a way that style supports subject matter. In a passage from the beginning of Chapter XX in the novel Howards End by E.M. Forster, it is clear, due to Forster’s use of rhetorical strategies, that the power of love is underestimated. Forster uses diction, syntax, and tone to illustrate this concept of love. Forster first uses diction to reveal the concept that love is underestimated in line three with the word “pebble”. A pebble is a small rock that is usually overlooked in landscapes, gets walked on, and is thought of as very miniscule. This relates to the power of love being underestimated because just as a pebble is overlooked, walked on, and is small, so is love. Love is overlooked, taken for granted and thought of as unimportant or insignificant. Without a pebble there would be no garden, and without love there would be no life. Also, although a pebble is small, if one drops it in water it will make a splash. Love is the same; when one loves someone else, the love spreads to other people like a splash. Forster also reveals this concept of love through the use of diction in line thirteen with the use of the word “jewel”. Jewels symbolize royalty, wealth, and fortune. This relates to the concept that the power of love is underestimated because wealthy or royal people take for granted all of their jewels and riches because they have so much of them; people take love for granted because there is so much love in the world. Lastly, the use of diction in line eighteen with the word “bare” reveals Forster’s concept of love. The word bare means simple or basic. This is often how people look at love, but in reality, love is complex and extravagant. He uses this word to highlight how people look at love in an unfair way. E.M. Forster also uses the rhetorical strategy of...
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