Rhetorical Situation

Topics: Rhetoric, Persuasion, Regulatory Focus Theory Pages: 3 (991 words) Published: October 15, 2012
Kariann Clark
When one hears the word Rhetorical Situation, they may tend to be confused, because Rhetoric theory isn’t nessacarily a situation, but much more complex than that. If you look at the word Rhetoric, it’s function is ultimately to perform a task by altering or changing the world we live in. rhetoric, can be seen as a manner of changing reality, not directly by the energy of oneself to others, but by creating discourse, in which causes, or persuades others to become so engaged that they facilitate change. In is apperant that rhetoric is always persuasive and convincing. Rhetorical situation can be beheld as a natural perspective of persons, events, objects, and relations. There are three different construients of any rhetorical situation which are exigence, Audience and contraints. Exigence is a sense of urgency or the obstacle that is in need of being overcame and completed. An exigence is rhetorical when it is capable of positive modification which requires discourse or can be assisted by discourse. The audience is whom the individual is trying to sway, and will greatly affect, their dialect, content, and overall angle. Contraint have the ability to limit decisions and actions needed to modify the exigence. Standard sources of constraint include beliefs, attitudes, documents, facts, traditions, images, interests, and motives. A speaker at a democratic rally wouldn’t share their favorable views for the republican party. Likewise a monologue for a talk show would not run longer than five minutes.

Rhetorical situation, if you were ever flipping your channel from MTV, to comedy central you may have accidently stopped on CNN and heard this word. Your probably sitting on your couch possibly with a friend, and you turn to him and say wow whats that mean, while he passes you the chips. Rhetorical situation might sound like some huge word at first, but can be understood better once broken down. First there is rhetoric; which is when someone tries to...
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