Rhetorical Modes Matrix

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Rhetorical Modes Matrix

Rhetorical modes are methods for effectively communicating through language and writing. Complete the following chart to identify the purpose and structure of the various rhetorical modes used in academic writing. Provide at least 2 tips for writing each type of rhetorical device.

Rhetorical Mode| * Purpose – Explain when or why each rhetorical mode is used.| Structure – Explain what organizational method works best with each rhetorical mode. | Provide 2 tips for writing in each rhetorical mode. | Narration| Narration is the Art of storytelling and the purpose is to tell a story. Anytime you tell a story to a friend or family member.| Chronological order.| 1. Create strong details. 2. Know the difference between fact and fiction.| Illustration| Illustration shows or demonstrates everything clearly.| Use of evidence.| 1. Always know how much evidence is needed. 2. Choose a variety of different words to keep your reader engaged.| Description| Description describes a person, place, or object in detail.| Sensory details.| 1. Avoid empty descriptors, which are adjectives that mean different things to different people. 2. Every part of the essay should contain the use of the five senses.| Classification| Classification breaks down the subject into smaller, more manageable, specific parts.| To be organized in subcategories.| 1. Know as much about the subject as you can, so you can bring it down to small and more interesting parts. 2. Make sure you can break down any given subject down into least three different ways.| Processanalysis| Process analysis will open with a discussion of what the process is going to be.| Chronological order.| 1. Always have someone to read your analysis to make sure it makes sense. 2. Time transition phrases are helpful to organize your steps and will help orient the reader.| Definition| The purpose...
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