Rhetorical Devices

Topics: Rhetoric, Rhetorical techniques, Citizen Kane Pages: 2 (560 words) Published: July 31, 2010
I have watched and listened to the “Charles Foster Kane Campaigns for Governor” video and it was very moving and persuasive. The information that he gave to his audience and the manner that it was given was very energetic. The information was also given in a manner that most anyone could understand. The speech did contained two areas of bias. Bias or prejudice is a preconceived opinion about something or someone. The speech contained an area of gender bias and age bias because he singles out a specific group of people when he says “The working man and the slum child know they can expect my best efforts in their interests.” In this statement he specifically targeted working men as well as slum children. It also contained an area of ethnic bias when he stated, “The decent, ordinary citizens know that I'll do everything in my power to protect the underprivileged, the underpaid, and the underfed!” He targeted the “decent, ordinary citizens” instead of all citizens. In the speech he also gave example of fallacies, specifically by using scare tactics. Using a scare tactic is a way of using fear to persuade readers. When he stated, “Here's one promise I'll make, and boss Jim Gettys knows I'll keep it: My first official act as Governor of this State will be to appoint a Special District Attorney to arrange for the indictment, prosecution, and conviction of Boss Jim W. Gettys!” Another scare tactic that he used was, “Now, however, I have something more than a hope. And Jim Gettys -- Jim Gettys has something less than a chance.” These two statements have the potential to place fear upon Jim Gettys and his supporters. A rhetorical device is a writing technique used to achieve an emotional response from its readers. The seven forms of rhetorical devices are metaphor, parallelism, euphemism, hyperbole, alliteration, paradox, and rhetorical question. In the speech he uses alliteration form a rhetorical device. The use of alliteration is use of the same consonant sound...
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