Rhetorical Anaylsis

Topics: Short story, Fiction, The Story of an Hour / Pages: 4 (1540 words) / Published: Mar 1st, 2015
Audience Analysis
Audience Profile: My audience will be my classmates and my instructor. I would say that this is appropriate readings for anyone from the age of 18-50. I would also highly suggest more of women to understand the readings than men.
Audience-subject relationship: The audience that will be reading this should have a very good understanding of the topic, but should be open to all opinions. The audience has already read the story. Although they have read the story, everyone is going to have different outlooks and perspectives on the topic pertaining to “The Story of an Hour”.
Audience-writer relationship: Seeing that this is an online class, I do not know much about the audience that will be reading my rhetorical analysis. I am assuming that they all have different perspective and are understanding of different opinions. I only know one girl that is in the class, but other than that, I do not know anyone.
Writers Role: My role as the writer is to get the audience to clearly understand why Kate Chopin wrote what she did, and how it reflects with her own life. I am sure that everyone is open to others opinions. I want the readers to really like what I have to say and to understand where I am coming from in the text.

Allison Moore
Heather Burford
ENGL 111
14 February 2014
Rhetorical Anaylsis At roughly one-thousand words “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin appears to be un-detailed and short witted story, but once you start reading, you hope that it never stops. The story is filled with symbolizm, feminism, oppression, and heartache, that is all written and published in the 1800 's. Louise Mallard suffers with medical conditions, and it seems like she also suffers with her marital status, and the freedom that she had in the 1800 's. The fact that she has heart problems quickly symbolizes that something will strike her sometime in the story. Josephine, her sister, has very delicatley told her some devastating news. Something that has

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