Rhetorical Analysis A Time For Choosing

Topics: Ronald Reagan, Rhetoric, Barry Goldwater Pages: 4 (1028 words) Published: April 16, 2015
Kenneth Gallion
Professor Wiemer
English 1120
3 March 2015
Rhetorical Analysis
On October 27th, 1964 many Americans tuned into the NBC channel for a special broadcast featuring a speech from Ronald Reagan. Reagan, who was already well known as an actor on TV and in movies, was now being seen and heard as a political man. Reagan’s speech was all in support of the currently running republican candidate, Barry Goldwater. Goldwater was the Senator of Arizona and was representing the Republican Party in 1964’s election. Reagan’s speech “A Time for Choosing” uses a wide range of rhetoric style, delivery, logos, pathos and ethos. Using these rhetorical techniques throughout his speech proved to be successful and effective in the hearts of the American people. In the beginning of his speech, Reagan uses a specific style to communicate to his audience. He starts off with a prompt and subtle tone, however his composition of words hints that there is concern ahead. He wants his audience to hear and ponder his viewpoints and how he feels about them. He proves that he believes in his own thoughts and ideas and presents them to his audience in hopes that they will feel the same way. Reagan’s ability to connect with his audience was a unique attribute. Whether the topics he spoke on were politics or sports, past or present, the listener was always paying attention. Reagan’s acting career helped him develop speaking skills to perform feats like this. Reagan believed that the country is not heading in the right direction and that it was time for some changes to take place. The United States’ government was in a crisis when the speech took place. Reagan knew the citizens needed to hear something moving and different. The style changes near the end of the speech giving a more optimistic approach for the future of the nation. In his closing, Reagan continues to repeat Goldwater’s name and commemorates him and his faith in the American people. His deeply inspirational style...

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