Rhetorical Analysis Of Squealer Speech In Animal Farm

Topics: Animal Farm, The Animals, George Orwell, Leon Trotsky, Animal, Eric Burdon / Pages: 1 (206 words) / Published: Mar 28th, 2017
Squealer uses this speech, like with all the rest, to persuade the other animals at Animal Farm to follow what the pigs want them to do. This speech in particular has them believing that Snowball was a traitor from the start, going so far as to put false memories into their heads.
When looking at these speeches it is important to ask if they are being used for the purpose of good or evil. While the animals who hear these speeches are conditioned to think they are for a good purpose, it is easy to tell from an outsider's point of view the intent is more pernicious.
Is It Convincing?
It takes a lot to make a convincing argument—reasons, appeals, delivery. The speaker is also an important part; even the best argument fails if the speaker

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