Rhetorical Analysis of Roger and Me

Topics: Michael Moore, American film actors, General Motors, Hugo Weaving / Pages: 5 (1014 words) / Published: Nov 9th, 2010
Tyler Broaddrick
Betsy Seymour
English 101-014
18 October 2010
“Roger & Me” In the 1980s General Motors started a big controversy by shutting down some of their plants and opening new ones in Mexico for cheaper labor. This caused the once popular and growing town of Flint to become nothing more than a deserted and run-down place. Michael Moore’s film Roger & Me is a very biased film concerning the citizens of Flint, Michigan that lost their jobs due to General Motors shutting plants down in the town. Moore set out to try to get an interview with Roger Smith, the CEO of General Motors, and show him the devastations that the plants closing down had on Flint. The way Moore documents and uses pathos throughout the movie grabs the attention of the viewer immediately, but in the end this hurt his credibility and made me not respect the film as much. One way Moore would grab the attention of the viewer was by the way he flipped from scene to scene. Moore incorporated this technique in his film to help prove his one sided story. He would show an interview of a poor worker, or show a clip of the abandoned town, but in the very next scene he would interview a man or woman of power. An example of this that was used repeatedly throughout the movie was when Moore introduced the viewers to Deputy Brad, who worked for the Sheriffs Department. He evicted dozens of families from their homes every day and Moore would show this in just about every other scene. This was just another way for Moore to flip from the poor citizens of Flint who were getting evicted from their homes, to the men and women of power. Moore seemed to do this throughout the whole movie. This gave the movie a sad, touching effect that made one feel sorry for the workers that lost their job. This was once again proving only one side of the story. Another way Moore’s use of pathos lead to a one-sided movie was the music he placed in the different scenes. He used songs throughout the movie such

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