Rhetorical Analysis of Presentation Text

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Qiang (John) Wang http://umbc.uoregon.edu/eteacher/

Quanzhou, China

Volume 2, Number 2, Winter 2011, E-Teacher Projects Gallery Course: English for Specific Purposes, Best Practices, University of Oregon Author: Qiang (John) Wang, Liming Vocational University, Quanzhou, China Final Project: College-to-Corporation Training Program

Part 1: Target Situation Analysis (TSA) Task A. Who is your Target Learner? Be specific. International trade coordinator candidates (Junior college students in their third year studying in international business). B. Based on the information you have at this time, complete the following chart with what your target learners need to do in English to be successful in the specific content area (business, engineering, etc.). 1. What are your target learner goals & needs? According to the target situation analysis of trade coordinator and related job fields, one of the core competences of qualified candidates is to maintain and promote professional and courteous client relations by managing a prompt and accurate response to face-to-face, telephone, and email communications in English. The College-to-Corporation training program (also as C2C for short) for EOP trade coordinator is divided into two stages. The first stage is designed for the entry-level position, Order Fulfillment Coordinators (also as Fulfillment Coordinators, working as the assistant of sales coordinators). Courses at the second stage are designed for Sales Coordinators in exporting business or Purchasing Managers in importing business. In addition, performance goals are arranged according to the sequence of work procedures and organizational priorities in accordance with the simple-to-complex criterion to build learner confidence. Goals for Order Fulfillment Coordinator Candidates: By the end of 72-hour-course, participants should be able to: a) Coordinate company participation in trade shows and conferences with clients and other colleagues. Assist sales and customer service with customer communications by email and telephone. Respond to customersʼ requests concerning brochures, pricelists and samples by email and telephone. Where / How did you get this information? As for the EOP-trade coordinator training program, goals for trade coordinator candidates are determined according to the Target Situation Analysis by: 1) Expert interview. Interviewing former students who work in international trade field are one of the main sources of the information. Additional sources of information come from interviews with ESP practitioners, content area faculty, administrators, and other stakeholders. 2) Workplace observation and target job analysis. Instructors in our university can apply for a research project to conduct target job analysis and a close workplace observation. We include a process called job analysis, in which we analyze the typical procedures of the job as well as needs and expectation of the sponsoring organization and other stakeholders. 3) Investigation into job descriptions. We will interview employers who will ultimately receive the program graduates in job market and conduct investigation into job descriptions of local trade companies and export oriented industries.



The E-Teacher Scholarship Program is a cooperative grant agreement between the U.S. Department of State ECA/A/L; the University of Maryland, Baltimore County; and the University of Oregon.


Work with factories and freight forwarders to implement procedures to monitor shipments by email and telephone. Assist sales coordinators to operate professional and efficient sales functions, such as the payment arrangement and related issues in contract execution. 4) A survey of local business English training programs. As to the sequence of performance goals, “The highest training priorities are obviously the activities (skills, competencies, others) which are of high importance (of task to...
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