Rhetorical Analysis Final Coke

Topics: Coca-Cola, Rhetoric, Critical thinking Pages: 4 (875 words) Published: November 11, 2014
Nicole Nevarez
Carly Harschlip
English 1102-207
October 16, 2014
All the General Beauty in the World
“All the time around us small acts of kindness, bravery and love are happening,” is the theme of the commercial “Security Cameras,” produced by the marketing giant Coca-Cola. The target audience of this ad is both males and females between the ages of 40-16. The viewer is moved the sights and sounds of this commercial every time. Through the use of ethos and pathos this commercial is able to show us that there is still good in the world even with the fallacy of hasty generalization. The main idea of this commercial is to show the beauty and the good in the everyday lives of people across the globe through the use of security camera footage. This footage shows every day people preforming acts of goodness from the ordinary acts, to the acts of bravery, to the acts of love and finally the acts of friendship and community. Throughout this ad, an upbeat and motivational song is played in the background. Let us now take at a rhetorical analysis of this commercial. To begin with, ethos is the credibility, morality, authority, or reputation of the author or speaker. The use of ethos in this commercial is not as evident as one would think. The credibility is brought to this advertisement in a surprising way, through the powerful brand name of Coca-Cola. This company has been around since 1886 and was founded by a pharmacist named Dr. John S. Pemberton. The fact that the Coca-Cola Company are the ones that produced it is the reason why this commercial has a strong sense of ethos. This is because this company is associated with “being the best...providing the best,” and spreading “happiness throughout the world,” (The History of Coca-Cola paragraph 7). In the commercial there is constant sight of the advertising giants name as well as the signature song that Coca-Cola has created to go with all of commercials associated with the brand. Although, the presence of...

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