Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Topics: Dodge, Rhetoric, Pathos Pages: 4 (1462 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Zach Horwath
Ms. Schmidt
English 201
8 February 2013
Rhetorical Analysis
What influences your opinions and decisions in life? Is it a fact base analysis of a topic, providing you with statistical evidence to back its claims, or is it an emotional based claim that tugs at your heartstrings and connects with your past? Both forms of argument are fighting for your acceptance of its arguments, but do so in conflicting ways. On one end of the spectrum, a Dodge commercial exploits your emotional connection to your country and leverages that to sway your opinion of their new car. And on the other end, a writer uses facts and data to convince you that the legalization of marijuana is the right thing to do. The 2010 Dodge Challenger commercial is intended to use a rouse of patriotism to sell a car and a brand to an audience of viewers. The commercial begins with a young revolutionary war era British soldier running for his life back towards his other troops. When the boy alerts his troops of the impending attack by American colonial soldiers that were following him, they line up in a battle formation. With their rifles lined up, the British battalion await the Americans. When the colonial troops clear the trees and reach the battlefield, it reveals them being led into battle by George Washington driving a Dodge Challenger, rather than a horse. The British troops turn and flee as the colonial troops charge them, led by the three muscle cars with American flags hanging out their windows. As the troops continue to flee, the narrator says, “Here’s a couple of things America got right, cars and freedom” (Dodge Challenger Freedom Commercial). With the intention of inspiring the public to purchase this car, the ad focuses primarily on the use of ethos and pathos. The ethos in this ad is abundant, primarily revolving around George Washington. The ad uses George Washington to promote credibility in the brand. George Washington is a name synonymous with courage, freedom and...

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