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Topics: Culture, Ethnic group, Four-letter word Pages: 3 (931 words) Published: December 9, 2013

Teja Arboleda, an assistant professor at the New England Institute of Art in Brookline, Massachusetts teaches race and ethnic courses. He plans to use entertainment to teach about race and cultural diversity. A clear example of this is his case study “Race Is A Four Letter Word”, in which he discusses racial stereotypes that he has experienced in his travels around the world. To prove his point Mr. Arboleda talks about his personal experiences as well as those of his family. In order to persuade his audience he connects with the emotions of the readers through the use of racial slurs that he has experienced personally.

Throughout Arboleda’s life he was judged because of who he was. He was called different names, by different races of people. Arboleda himself did not know who he was. His father was a Filipino-Chinese and African/American and his mother who was Danish and German. His parents are different multicultural and come from different places. Where his parents come from does not matter because it is where he grew up that defines who he is. He grew up in different parts of the world, this is why it is hard for him to define who he is. He has been around different cultures, which teach him different values. Arboleda’s life is surrounded by different cultural diversities. He was born in New York but raised in Japan. With all of his experiences this is how he found his career. His career of teaching about race and ethnic relations.

Traveling the world with his family has taught him, the world is really multicultural. Learning to adapt to new environments has become second nature to him. He asks himself, “Why diversity or multicultural is so confusing or overwhelming?” This reasoning is because people tend to marry across religious, culture, and ethnic barriers.(page 123) This essay is very interesting to the eye because racism is still present in today’s world. To determine wether this essay is effective or not is by using the three rhetorical...

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