Rhetorical Analysis

Topics: Digital, Intelligence, Learning Pages: 2 (436 words) Published: October 17, 2010
The article “We can’t ignore the influence of digital technologies” by Cathy Davidson states that the internet, specifically Wikipedia is a good source for information. She gives examples why the technology is helping children these days. Davidson states that she doesn’t agree with the bans on Wikipedia. When she learned that Middlebury College had banned Wikipedia, she immediately talked to the college president to express her concern. She then learned “It is hardly a “ban.” It is a definition of what constitutes credible scholarly or archival sources.” She didn’t agree with this. This is why she created this article to prove his side of why the digital age is good, and shouldn’t be seen as bad.

Davidson has many points on why the digital age is good. She sees it as helping advance younger children to higher grade levels. It helping the teens and children now grow up with more advanced, easier and faster way to find information. She also states that a five year old who has an obsession with Pokémon now is mastering a nine year olds reading vocabulary level due to the 500 plus(and growing) collection of Pokémon he has memorized, and is also able to customize games with editing tools and able to do so with creativity. This is just one way the new digital age is helping advance children. He also states that the digital age has helped young adults grow up with new technology skills, new ways of finding information, and new modes of informal learning. Overall the digital age, she states, should be seen as positive and not banned or restricted.

She doesn’t agree with the restrictions on Wikipedia, as she noted “…several comparative studies have shown that errors in Wikipedia are not more frequent than in comparable print sources,” and “In Wikipedia, errors can be corrected” Another argument she had was “Wikipedia is not just an encyclopedia. It is a knowledge community, uniting anonymous readers all over the world who edit and correct grammar, style,...
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