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Topics: Jacques Derrida, Rhetoric, Intelligence Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: October 22, 2013
In the superbly well crafted article the author clearly defends the usage of computers by explaining that the usage of technology and computers is playing a constructive role in the children's learning process. It is the bad social conditions around that hinder the mental growth of children not the usage of advanced gadgets.As there has been a considerable debate on whether the increasing use of technology is curbing the creativity and mental growth of children,the author touches upon this issue in a very effective way by analyzing both sides of the essay using logos,pathos and compare and contrast techniques to to create a strong and convincing essay.

The author uses logos in his essay as he begins his essay by referring to different newspapers which have done stories against the computer usage in schools .He gives names of the New york Times, the Washington Post ,PBS. and Nicholas Carr's widely read book He cites numerous sources in the article to make his argument more and more concrete.He makes his own point by telling that Duke researcher's findings acknowledged improved computing skills and named a Tv program "Sesame Street" and a TV channel "The Discovery Channel" to tell how these advancements were enhancing the creativity of children.The author also refers to the 5 year study of North Carolina middle school by Victor and Ladd to analyze what effects did the introduction of computers in homes have on children.

The author uses excellent pathos and logos to appeal to readers emotions through logical reasoning and effective stories and real life experiences.He narrates an incident of a French Philosopher Jacques Derrida who was asked if he had read all the books in his huge library and his response was that he had read just four.The author uses this example to tell that there are a lot of books which can't all be read by children while internet gives a wide range of reading material on different subjects available for a balanced learning of an...
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